What it takes to be a good teacher

I think a teacher is someone who’s able to share his or her knowledge to others and also be able to learn from other people as well. At the end of the day, we teach what we’ve learned either in school, magazines, books, television, the internet etc. The school system can test our knowledge about what we’ve learned and we must be able to interpret and apply our knowledge through tests and exams. You can also develop yourself by reading books or magazines every day and research the internet.

I believe that to be a good teacher you should love what you do. Teaching must be a passion for you; don’t do it just for money. Learners love teachers who are kind to them. Teachers must be able to act as a parent, a doctor, nurse and a social worker to their learners. The learners must also be able to put their trust in you, by that they can be able to share their personal information with you. If a learner is facing some problems, you must be able to solve them. You must also get to know your learners, by visiting their homes but don’t just pay a surprise visit ask the principal and write the letter to the parents or someone who might be living with the learner.

I’ve enjoyed my teaching journey, and I love it so much. Being able to teach in different kinds of situation and circumstances has been a great experience for me. I had also experienced teaching in a normal school and in a special school where I’m still teaching today. The following pictures it’s me and the learners I was teaching during my teaching practice, as you can see I was very happy and enjoying the moment.

Time went on and I got to experience new things. I loved and enjoyed working in all of these schools but the one I’m in now I love the most. At first, it was uncomfortable for me, but I soon realized it was my real calling. I asked myself so many times, why was I the one called for the job. Now I realized God wanted me to help learners who cannot go to their normal school to learn just because they’re sick. I help these learners in so many ways. In the hospital school we teach the same curriculum as in the normal school, our learners don’t miss out on their school work as we take over from what they’ve learned in their normal schools.

The pictures above are some of the learners I teach in the hospital. I realized that teaching them sometimes makes them forget that they’re in the hospital and that they’re ill. Some are just facing physical injuries but they also feel pain, mostly after being from the operation and after the nurses have dressed them. All in all, I love what I do and I’m looking forward to so many great experiences to come.



I’m a professional teacher. I completed my B ED DEGREE in Foundation Phase 2016, I started working 2017. Currently I’m in the process of completing my B ED HONOURS in Foundation Phase. I write and illustrate children’s picture books. I’m creative, so I apply my creativity through writing and illustrating children’s picture books. I do a lot of research to improve and master what I’m passionate about.

2 thoughts on “What it takes to be a good teacher

  1. I think there are all kinds of teachers. As long as I learned the 3 Rs (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic), I would enjoy learning from different teachers along the way. A friend of mine is amazing, and he thinks I’m amazing, but we are very different in our approaches and lessons. I think it is good if students can go through his, mine, and other great teachers’ classrooms.

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