How to write and illustrate children’s books

There are many ways you can use to illustrate your children’s book. You can draw them yourself, you can hire someone to draw for you and pay them money or it can be your sibling that knows how to draw and they can do it for free. The other ways to illustrate children’s books are to buy stock images on the illustration sites like, Shutterstock, iStock, Flickr etc. there are also free sites that you can use like, Openclipart, pixabay and many more. There are many options you can choose from and it only depends on the budget you’re in then. Let’s say it has been a dream of yours to write and illustrate children’s books like me but the only thing that’s holding you back is that, you don’t have enough money to hire an illustrator to do it for you. Because illustrators can be so expensive, you can take another option of buying stock images that I’ve just mentioned.

How To Write A Children's Book by [Griffin, Debra]

What if you’re down on budget? And you can’t even wait for the money to come. The good news is you can still download free images on the sites that I also mentioned above. The problem you can only face when using these free sites is that your work won’t be as unique as you may want it to be. Because they are free, many people will be using them. I’m sure everyone will like their books to stand out from the crowd and be as unique as possible. I’ll suggest that if you choose to use free images at least don’t use them on your cover page; maybe you can ask the family member that you know is good in drawing to help you. Or you can sacrifice by borrowing the money and pay only for a cover page by hiring a professional to do it for you. This depends on how hungry you are in making this work for you. You can sit and say I can’t do it because I don’t have money or you can take the first step right now.

I’ve always loved drawing since I was small. My sister and I used to attend art classes in high school but we didn’t even pick art as a subject. We were both doing commerce subjects. The teacher didn’t mind, he was willing to teach us and we were willing to learn because we really loved what we were doing. He taught us the colours, the three primary colours (Red, Blue and yellow) and three secondary colours (Orange, Green, and Violet). He taught us many things he didn’t really care that we were not in his class. I remember he gave us charts and we did our first artwork with those charts and we took them home to show my mother. Time went on and I changed schools so I lost touch on it because the other school didn’t have art classes. I finished matric and then I applied for teaching. I wanted to do fashion design but I love teaching more so I told myself I’ll do it part-time when I’m done with my degree in teaching. It didn’t really happen because now I’m doing honours in Education. My sister at the list she’s studying fashion design right now and I support her big time.

Being a teacher made me realize that I can still do what I’ve always loved to do. When I was still doing my degree, we had an assignment of writing and illustrating children’s book. It was a literacy subject. I was doing B ED FOUNDATION PHASE so we teach grade 1, 2 and 3. I remember I was so excited, we were supposed to choose a grade that we’re going to write to and write on the level of that particular grade. After that, you choose the language that you’ll use when writing your book. It was the best assignment I’ve ever got I was so excited and I enjoyed doing it. I wrote the book and I used the free stock images to illustrate my book at that time. It was a success I got 82% on that book assignment. Since then I developed the love of writing and illustrating children’s books, but right now I’m using my love of drawing to assist myself. I’ve been practising even more on my drawing every day and I’m getting better and better. First I draw the sketches on the paper and I scan them with my phone and send them to my laptop and redraw them on my laptop. Next time I’ll explain how I do that. This is one of the books that inspires me to write, click the link below if you also want the copy.

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